Indelible: Campus Sexual Violence

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Welcome to Indelible! This podcast's purpose is to start a new conversation about sexual violence on college campuses.

Episode Transcription

[THEME music]

JULIE: He was a friend of mine.

MIA: He was friends with one of my friends

SAM: I'm one of those weird scenarios where it was a stranger rather than someone I know.

[music fades]

ANNIE: Hello and welcome to Indelible, a podcast exploring the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. I’m your host, Annie

MIA: I remember like waking up the next morning like crying and… I don't think I told anyone for, like, at least a year.

JULIE: I'm never gonna forget how it's, it's sad, but I'm never going to forget how alone I was.

ANNIE: This season, we’ll talk with survivors, experts, activists, and students about this complex issue. What is Title IX and what are your rights as a student? What happens if you choose to report to the police? How can you get involved as both a student and an activist? We’ll break down some myths, have honest conversations, and do our best to create a safe place to talk about sexual violence. And most importantly, we’ll give survivors a space to find power by sharing their stories. 

SAM: my boyfriend at the time who is since my ex, his reaction was just to assume that I had cheated on him purposefully.

JULIE: It always does stay with you. It never leaves you. It affects the, whether you realize it or not, it affects the decisions you make. It, it affects how comfortable, how comfortable you are walking home, how comfortable you are with someone that you've been friends with for years.

ANNIE: At Indelible, we believe that real change comes from real conversations. Our goal is to transform pain into hope and stories into change.

MIA: I hope that me coming down here and like telling my story will help other victims know that no matter the case, like it's not their fault.

[Music lifts]

ANNIE: Join us as we explore the realities of sexual violence on college campuses across the nation, and discover what it means to be a survivor. [pause] Indelible is written, hosted, and edited by Ball State University students with support from the Virginia B. Ball Center. For more information, resources, and behind-the-scenes footage, go to indelible podcast dot com. And connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at Indelible Podcast.